DEHRADUN: In an unusual instance of a big cat giving birth while a snare was stuck in its stomach, a tigress from Corbett, which had freed itself from poachers earlier this year but still had the snare embedded in its body, gave birth to three healthy cubs on Sunday.
“The tigress and the cubs are perfectly healthy. All four are in complete isolation,” said Dheeraj Pandey, director of Corbett Tiger Reserve.
As reported by TOI earlier, the tigress, around eight years old now, had been spotted by forest authorities in April and was brought to the rescue centre with suspicion of having abnormal fibroids. For around four months, the big cat was under constant observation of veterinary experts although the snare was not removed.
Even though the tigress has successfully given birth, its fate still hangs in balance, with expertsstill deciding if surgical intervention for extrication of the snare is required at all now.

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