A shocking video shows an “indescribably reckless” UK driver filming himself while swerving through traffic at more than 120 mph — and just moments before crashing and killing a pregnant TV soap star who was with three young kids.

Adil Iqbal, 22, used his phone to film as he drove along a Manchester motorway in May with just his right hand holding his BMW steering wheel, according to footage released by cops Wednesday.

He was seen swerving in and out of cars — with the dashboard showing him hitting up to 123 mph.

Just after the footage ended, he spun out of control and slammed into a 38-year-old actress Frankie Hough’s car, which she’d pulled over with a flat tire.

The “Hollyoaks” actress had been on the phone at the time — and let out a “blood-curdling scream” when hit, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Video shows driver's dashboard registering 123 mph as Iqbal drives one handed.
The footage showed the 22-year-old driver hitting 123mph before the deadly crash.

The mom — who was 17 weeks pregnant — later died from her injuries.

Her 9-year-old son Tommy and 4-year-old nephew Tobias were also knocked unconscious with serious injuries they have since recovered from.

Her other son, Rocky, 2, was the only one to escape serious injury — and was heard “crying out for his mother,” police said.

Actress Frankie Hough smiling in a portrait.
Pregnant actress Frankie Hough, who starred in UK soap “Hollyoaks,” was killed and her kids hurt.

“Our worlds have been torn apart, and for what?” the actress’ dad, Frank Hough, told the Manchester paper. “All because a young man wanted to show off, wanted to show his friends on social media how daring and cool he thought he was.”

The footage was released Wednesday after Iqbal was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to death by dangerous driving.

Adil Iqbal, 22, in his booking photo.
Adil Iqbal, 22, filmed himself driving 123mph before the deadly crash.

Hough “was killed as a result of the most indescribably reckless driving by you, Adil Iqbal, leading to the devastation of a family,” Judge Maurice Greene said at sentencing, according to the Manchester paper.

Iqbal was also disqualified from driving for another 13 years.

“Iqbal’s actions that day were nothing short of appalling,” Detective Constable Richie Hughes said.

“He showed absolutely no regard for the law or other road users that day.”

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