Whenever Taylor Swift graces the world with a new album, two things are virtually guaranteed: it will skyrocket to the top of the charts, and it will be an immediate bestseller. These predictions held true once again with her latest release, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), which has proved to be one of the biggest sellers in recent memory.

The album’s success is undeniable, as it quickly claimed the No. 1 spot on the prestigious Billboard 200, marking Taylor Swift’s twelfth chart-topping album. Not only did Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) dominate the Billboard 200, but it also conquered the Top Album Sales chart, which specifically ranks the bestselling titles based on physical and digital album sales, excluding streams.

In its debut week, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) achieved an astonishing feat, selling just under 507,000 copies, according to Luminate, marking the largest sales frame of the year. This outstanding performance left all other releases trailing in its wake, leaving them to pale in comparison to her immediate success.

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To put Swift’s incredible achievement into perspective, her latest project outsold every other title present on the 50-spot Top Album Sales chart this week…combined, and then some. In fact, her album’s sales surpassed the combined sales of the next 49 bestselling albums in the United States, and not just once, but twice over.

When tallying the sales of the top 10 titles on the Top Album Sales chart, including five other albums by Swift herself, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) outperformed them all three and a half times over.

As for the runner-up on the Top Album Sales chart, 5-Star by Stray Kids claimed that position with another 27,000 copies sold, an impressive figure for the set, which has been going strong for weeks now. However, when compared to Swift’s colossal success, 5-Star didn’t make much a play for the highest rung on the tally. Swift outsold the K-pop project by more than 18 times over, though that figure likely would have been higher with any other second place release.

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