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It’s a crazy time (when isn’t it?) but we’re grateful it’s summer, the season of simple pleasures: basking in the sunshine, sipping on various alcoholic beverages served in hollowed-out tropical fruit, jetting off on our long-postponed vacations, and on top of it all, impeccable deals left and right. If you need to shop for vacation essentials, wardrobe upgrades, or home swag, now is the time. Earlier this week, we were blessed with Prime Day sales (on Amazon and otherwise), but the bargain lords never sleep, because now Nordstrom wants to join the party with its annual Anniversary Sale. The event is a two-week-long shopping bonanza, laughing in the face of Prime Day’s mere two days of deals.

Being a department store (and frankly, so much more, now that it’s a

powerhouse online retailer), Nordstrom has quite the selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, and even tech that we’d love to fill our carts with—designer duds, sneakers,  and home goods that look like they belong in Architectural Digest. It can be a little overwhelming, so we sent our staff on a hunt through the forest of offerings to bring you back only the finest bougie bath goods, designer sunglasses, and luxury kitchenware. From July 17 to August 6, now is your chance to score mad hot deals that will make you look hotter, smell sexier (and, yes, even cook better). We’re suckers for deal-hunting, so leave the panning-for-gold to us; our editors put together this epic list of all the steals and thrills we’re throwing into our shopping carts.

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

I use my Fellow Stagg kettle every morning. I hate using traditional kettles because a) they take forever and b) the shrill whistling noise they make when you reach boiling point gives me anticipatory anxiety. In addition to the fact that this electric kettle is fast, beautifully designed, and silent besides a tiny “click” when you reach your desired temperature, it also has some high-tech features like holding your water at a specific temperature and toggling between Fahrenheit and Celsius. I was lucky enough to get mine as a gift; you can get yours for $50 off. —Hilary Pollack

$195$149.99 at Nordstrom

Expandable Tumi Luggage

If you’ve always wondered what brand wealthy people and celebrities are having their assistants tote around the airport for them, it’s more than likely Tumi—and for good reason. The brand is synonymous with high-quality luggage that will last you a lifetime, and the classic hard-sided carry-on is over $225 off right now.  You’ll fly through TSA, and never trip over a shitty suitcase with a broken wheel ever again, because where Tumi really exceeds other brands is its luggage’s ability to glide effortlessly, with very little effort, no matter how full you’ve packed it. —Becca Blasdel

$750$524.99 at Nordstrom

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil

Kiehl’s is eternally respected (and popular) in the skincare game because all of its products are thoughtfully formulated, gentle, and high-quality—but the Midnight Recovery face oil is a best-seller for good reason. I love using this stuff when I travel; it smells amazing and glides on for non-greasy moisture when you’re on a plane, just hopped out of the shower, or are headed to bed. Bonus: The lavender scent is super-relaxing. —Angel Kilmister

$135$91 at Nordstrom

An Air Max icon

It might not be the first Air Max model ever released, but the Air Max 90 kicked off a decade of serious Nike Air dominance. Slightly sporty (and still plenty chunky—in a good way), this Nike silhouette might technically be over 30 years old, but it’s remained a streetwear icon for three decades with good reason. Speaking from personal experience: While I wouldn’t recommend banging out a few miles on the treadmill in a pair of these, the Air Max 90’s overall design should fit seamlessly with just about everything in your closet. —Gregory Babcock

$130$104.99 at Nordstrom

Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Did you totally space out and miss all the Prime Day deals on reusable water bottles? Us too, it was pretty much a blur of too many decisions, but thanks to Nordstrom’s much chiller Anniversary Sale, you can get Hydro Flask’s classic 32-ounce insulated stainless steel bottle in Moonlight (a Nordstrom-exclusive color) for 25% off. —Becca Blasdel

$52$39.99 at Nordstrom

Dusen and Dusen bath goods

Dusen Dusen is the brand for people who like bold, fun prints—well, them and Marimekko. Why opt for a boring $20 white dollar-store bathrobe when you can wear a robe that says, “why yes, sweetheart, I would like to drink a julep on the porch at 4 p.m.”? —Angel Kilmister

$138$99.99 at Nordstrom

Dyson V11 Extra Cordless Vacuum

If you haven’t experienced the magic and ease of a cordless vacuum, I suggest you scoop up this sleek Dyson beauty as soon as possible. Say goodbye to tiny crumbs, pet hair, and spilled coffee grounds without having to deal with an awkwardly heavy vacuum and always tangled cord. —Kate Spencer

$599.99$499.99 at Nordstrom

$599.99$499.99 at Nordstrom

Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket

On to the coastal grandma section of editors’ picks, where everything is made of Barefoot Dreams super-soft and stretchy fleece. These blankets have a huuuge cult following, and after I got one from my sister for Christmas, I completely get why; they are literally the softest, most comfortable fabric ever. Mine lives on my sofa and is my personal cocoon. I should wash it more… or get another one. They’re usually almost 200 bucks, so $119 is actually a great price—there are a ton of dupes out there, but none quite hits the spot the same when it comes to tactile coziness. —Angel Kilmister

$180$119.90 at Nordstrom

The Moccamaster coffee maker

The Moccamaster coffee maker is an amazing machine. I love it, VICE readers love it, and characters in TV shows love it. Not only does it look like a coffee machine from a Jacques Tati film, it actually makes delicious pour-over-level coffee. This miraculous intersection of style and flavor is over $100 off during this sale. It’s almost like Nordstrom wants you to have nice things (and delicious coffee). —Adam Rothbarth

$359$254.99 at Nordstrom

Calvin Klein boxer briefs

Calvin Klein makes the best underwear. I believe this is known, but gonna say it louder for those in the back. Men, get yourself some super-soft, ever-classic CK boxer briefs; a five-pack for $44.99 is truly a bargain. —Hilary Pollack

$71.50$44.99 at Nordstrom

$71.50$44.99 at Nordstrom

Your new everyday watch

As much as I love filling out my wardrobe, I’ve never truly become a “watch guy.” Blame it on streetwear-like aftermarkets or sheer sticker shock, but I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger on investing in expensive timepieces. For me, all I need is a clean, uncomplicated watch that… you know, just tells me the time. This watch from Shinola, however, ticks all the boxes for someone like me (especially when it’s nearly $200 off). Simple in design with a timeless (pun not intended) appeal, it’s hard not to like this Detroit-made watch. —Gregory Babcock

$595$399.99 at Nordstrom

A tasty array of designer sunglasses

I love huge, obnoxious designer sunglasses; blame my inner Kris Jenner. The bigger, the better. —Angel Kilmister

$293$195.99 at Nordstrom

$435$290.99 at Nordstrom

Crosley Discovery Turntable

I’m trying to relive my #iconic Indie Sleaze youth, and there’s not better way to do that thanthen by playing Neon Indians and MGMT on a “vintage” Crosley record player that everyone (and their mom) had back in the 2010s. —Becca Blasdel

$99.95$69.99 at Nordstrom

$99.95$69.99 at Nordstrom

Vibey Allsaints button-ups

Nothing like a breezy summer shirt to give off an air of being cool, rich, and unbothered, and Allsaints has a grip of great-looking ones on sale right now, from the basic monochromatic camp shirt to button-ups adorned with cranes, leopard print, and faux snakeskin. —Angel Kilmister

$199$119.99 at Nordstrom

$169$109.99 at Nordstrom

$199$119.99 at Nordstrom

Pendleton blankets, pillows, and bedding

Tons of Pendleton stuff is on sale at Nordstrom right now, and lemme tell ya, one of the best things I ever did was trade out my raggedly old towels for big, cozy Pendleton towels. That was a decade ago, and they still look brand new and are in amazing, super-soft condition despite being through the wash about four million times. Thus, I enthusiastically endorse this Pendleton bath towel that’s currently marked down, as well as this quilt and sham set that elevates any and every sheet set. —Hilary Pollack

$309$216.99 at Nordstrom

$120$83.99 at Nordstrom

Platform Tevas

It’s hot Teva summer, baby! I’m already living in my XLT2s, but could I be convinced to add a platform? Sure! These lifty bois (or girlz?) have a near-perfect five-star rating from almost 5,000 reviews, so clearly, they’re doing something right, and they’re $20 off right now. —Angel Kilmister

$70$49.99 at Nordstrom

Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Oval Dutch Oven

We’ve waxed poetic about Le Cresuet’s enameled cast-iron dutch ovens more times than we’ve probably been to therapy… and that’s a lot. Luckily this cult-favorite status symbol is 63% off in seven different color options. —Becca Blasdel

$375$239.99 at Nordstrom

On Running Cloudmonster sneaker

It’s nearly impossible to find this model on sale ($40 off!) and it happens to be one of our favorite running shoes. Personally speaking, I’ve worn them on at least 50 runs and they’re still going strong, thanks in no small part to the model’s CloudTec cushioning system that provides impeccable shock absorption. —Nicolette Accardi 

$169.99$129.99 at Nordstrom

$169.99$129.99 at Nordstrom

$169.99$129.99 at Nordstrom

$169.99$129.99 at Nordstrom

Nordstrom at Home Round Marble & Acacia Wood Serving Board

The easiest way to seem like a competent, effortless hostess is to buy a bunch of fancy-ish cheeses, pre-cut cured meats, colorful fruits, and Marcona almonds at Trader Joe’s and then artfully arrange them on a cutting board with edible flowers. Charcuterie boards are the way. I’m speaking from experience, and also know firsthand that the first step to making your spread look like it took about five times as much time and effort as it actually did is to start with a nice cutting board. This one does all the aesthetic work for you; just add Gouda and Prosciutto. —Hilary Pollack

$59$38.99 at Nordstrom

Department stores aren’t dead yet, baby—they’re just online. Happy shopping.  

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